Canadian Rockies 24

Return of the 24 in 2022

We’re stoked to announce that 24 hour racing is making a come back to Canmore. Canadian Rockies 24 is a 24-hour mountain bike race that will see teams or solo competitors race around a 15 kilometres track at Canmore’s Nordic Centre. The race starts at noon August 27 and finishes at noon August 28. The person or team that completes the most laps over a 24 period wins the race. Cory Wallace expects the solo winner to complete about 360 kilometres.

“In today’s society we live pretty cushy lives, think back to the caveman days people would be on hunts for 24 hours,” Wallace said. “It’s nothing your body hasn’t done before, it’s just pushing your mind to different barriers.”

Competitors can either enter the race solo or as a team of five and there’s even a corporate category for teams of six to ten to improve office team building.

After a decade of competing in 24 hours races, Wallace says the challenge is more mental than physical.

“The first six hours is pretty doable for most people, then after that, you start pushing through these barriers,” he said.

The race may sound like it’s only for the hardcore, but Wallace says the event is very laid back and more about having a good time riding with your buddies.”


Canadian Rockies 24 Team


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