WEMBO Americas

2022 WEMBO Americas Solo 24H Championships

The Americas Solo 24 Championships will run conjunction with the Canadian Rockies 24. The Canadian Rockies 24  solo and team categories will remain the same. The main change is that the top male and female riders in the open OR masters category will be included in racing for the WEMBO Americas title.

Americas region includes North and South America and Pacific Islands which are states or territories of American Nations. Riders competing from outside of the Americas region are not eligible contenders for the Americas Championships. See WEMBO site for more details on eligibility.

The male and female winners overall winners will receive:

  • $1000 CAD dollars each
  • gold medal and;
  • the Wembo Americas jersey.

Prizes and medals will also be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place riders.

About WEMBO (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation)

WEMBO is a group of like minded mountain bike clubs and organizers from around the world that focus on providing top level 24 hour races. These events are the continental championships (European, Asia/Pacific and Americas) and the World Championships. These events have helped to increase interest in the world of endurance mountain biking.

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