• No refunds.
  • Age category determination: Use the age you will be on December 31, 2022 to determine your age category.
  • Riders may be substituted for a $20 admin fee.
  • Mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 members of the opposite sex
  • If there are less than 3 teams in a category we may combine categories
  • All teams must provide 1 volunteer for a three hour volunteer shift. Alternatively, teams can opt out of this requirement for an additional $100 fee.
  • Teams with less than 5 people can race in the “4-5 person team category”. 5 person team pricing remains the same as listed.


  • Bikes are required to be in good working order. Onsite mechanical services will be provided at a charge.
  • Human powered bikes only. No e-bikes.
  • Adequate bike specific lights required for 24-hour race. Helmet and handle bar set up recommended. Small backup light in jersey pocket recommended.
  • Rear red light required.
  • Bear spray is mandatory while on course. We Strongly encourage you to learn how to use bear spray prior to riding in the Canmore area.


On Course

  • Prologue start will be used to spread the field out for the first lap only.  Le mans start will be approximately 500-800m’s.
  • Final lap: For the 24 hour race your last lap must be done by 12 pm on Sunday.  Riders must cross the finish line before the race ends for the last lap to count.
  • Alberta Cycling Association rules and regulation apply.
  • We recommend lights on at 8pm
  • Etiquette: When passing a slower rider call out “on your left”. Make sure the rider has heard you. Pass slower rider on their left when it is safe to do so. Generally speaking don’t be an arsehole on the course.
  • Volunteer abuse will not be tolerated. Violators will promptly be disqualified.
  • Saturday there will be no pre-riding. Pre-riding is available the on the days prior to the race start date.
  • Once you have completed 1 lap you your time will be registered in the results on
  • Transition for team riders: there must be physical contact before the next rider is allowed out. High fives, punches, kisses etc. Transition must be in the transition zone, which is right after timing, unless otherwise stated in the rider briefing.
  • If you are unable to complete a lap due to mechanical, sickness or injury, you can return the quickest way back to the start or go to the feed zone. If you proceed to the feed zone feed zone attendees can radio to timing to cancel your lap and your next rider can start. Your team name will be announced if the rider on course cancels their lap it is your responsibility to listen to any announcements for your next rider to start if a lap is cancelled by a team member on course.
  • The incomplete laps will not be counted.
  • No garbage policy: please don’t litter out on the track. Park rules apply, fines may be issued.
  • Headphone are not permitted on course.
  • No cheating: you must follow the track. It will be clearly marked with arrows, bunting tape, flags and signs. Cheating will result in disqualification.
  • Rider down procedure –  if you come to an accident out on the track you MUST stop and make sure the rider is ok. If he/she is not, stay with him/her and send the next rider straight back to the event centre to let us know what happened. If you lose time while helping an injured rider we will adjust your lap time at the end of the race.
  • If a race is deemed unsafe because of storm, rain, fire, etc., we will pause it, assess the situation and if possible, restart it again later.
  • Race numbers are to be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable and un altered.
  • All riders must wear a certified bike helmet.
  • All riders will be self-sufficient. There is no technical assistance service on course.
  • We will do our best to keep awards on time. If you must leave early and have a prize to collect, arrange for someone else to do so on your behalf.

General Rules

  • Canmore Nordic Centre is dog friendly, but please keep your pooch on leash. Fines will be issued by parks staff if non-compliance is displayed.
  • Do not litter.